Episode 102: Detach from Others’ Views of You: Path to Self-Recognition

April 2, 2024

Why “what others think of you is none of your business” and how to let go of toxic commentary in your head to move forward faster.

Podcast Show Notes:

Does criticism or negative feedback take you out? For most of my life, how people perceived me and how my actions impacted them mattered. If I said something that I felt was harsh, I would relive it.

Do you rehash it in your mind and think this is how I could’ve done it differently?

If so, sadly, that pattern creates a feedback loop for that family member, a friend, or even your business matrices.

At a time in my life, my income impacted my sense of self and well-being. When my income was high, I got positive feedback, and I was great, but when my income was low, I took it negatively that I did something wrong or wasn’t doing something I should have been doing.

I felt like a puppet on strings with no control.

When you align with your integrity, when you make a decision and take action, it’s good for the whole.

Also, this episode includes a great exercise, which I normally teach in the Highest Potential Program. It will help you let go of the free-floating toxic commentary in your head and move forward faster.

Lastly, “what others think of you is none of your business.” Now, that’s not a new quote, but it is priceless.

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