Episode 86: Break Free: Spiritual Alignment for Health, Wealth, and Fulfillment with Dominique Manifesting Breakthrough

December 12, 2023

Using Psycho-Cybernetics to align with your True Self for spiritual and manifesting success

Podcast Show Notes:

Another amazing Manifesting Breakthrough with the beautiful Dominique where I delve into Psycho-Cybernetics and aligning with your True Self for spiritual and manifesting success. 

Here are the key takeaways:

🔹 Imagination is Key: We explored the role of imagination in creating a new successful identity and discussed how it transcends traditional visualization techniques like vision boards.

🔹 Realistic Goal Setting: Aligning conscious and unconscious goals can help avoid resistance and propel you toward success without triggering feelings of lack.

🔹 Spiritual Alignment: We dive into maintaining a high vibration and a grounding exercise to clear energy and connect with our true selves.

And remember, when you confirm yourself, you set your path to success on your terms.

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