Episode 96: Manifesting Success with North Node Astrology: Self-Awareness Tips

February 19, 2024

Discover how Self-Awareness helps you with Manifesting.

Podcast Show Notes:

Unlock your manifesting potential with Astrology and self-awareness. In this episode of Mindful Manifesting, I delve into the power of understanding your North Node astrology. I explore how identifying your North Node can help you align with your true path and increase your manifesting success. 

Discover your unique attributes to develop and the tendencies to leave behind, and learn how to apply this self-awareness to manifest your desired life. Dive into your self-awareness journey and chart your path to unstoppable success. Tune in now and start manifesting like never before!


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How do you increase your manifesting success by understanding yourself using self-awareness? That’s exactly what we’re talking about today in this episode of using astrology and specifically North Node astrology.

You’re listening to mindful manifesting, and this is Aryana Rollins. But before we jump in to get started, if you would like to experience unstoppable success, I invite you to book a discovery call, unstoppable success discovery call.

Alright. Let’s dive in. So I’ll tell you a little bit about my perception of astrology. Let’s just say it like that.

So it was way back 2007, I think, 2006. I had a client and she turned out to create incredible successes and manifested remarkable things. I’ll tell you a little bit about it before we get into how this relates to astrology. So she came to me, and she was living in Canada at the time. She was from Denmark, and she had lost her job. So she lost her working visa. She absolutely critically had to get a new working visa to be able to stay in Canada. She did not want to return to Denmark.

It was not her place even though she was born there. So she came to me and said, I want Canadian citizenship. I want American citizenship. And I was like, okay. Alright. This is big. This is big.

So fast forward, she did everything like a perfect model student of manifesting, especially the techniques that I teach in the highest potential program.

Fast forward, she got a working visa for the Danish Embassy in San Francisco, and it was one of the best places she’d ever lived in her life. She loved the redwoods. She and her partner lived in a beautiful place surrounded by redwood trees outside of San Francisco.

She saved an enormous amount of money for the 1st time in her life. Never had she done that before. And then fast forward a little bit, she got Canadian citizenship. Fast forward a little bit, and she got US citizenship. So her intentions were so clear, so pure.

She was so motivated, and she did all the work to clear any resistance, any obstacle that was standing in her way that she was just so let’s say what we can say about it. Aligned with her intention. And we’ve talked a lot about it on the podcast alignment.

And if you’re new to listening to the podcast, welcome. I’m so happy you’re here. So let’s dive into the topic for today’s episode. So going back to the student, it was her last month of coaching, and she said to me, hey. I don’t have the money to pay you, but could I give you a chart reading astrology chart reading, and then I will pay you when I get the money.

I loved working with her. So, of course, I said yes. And I’m like, oh, astrology nonsense. My attitude was terrible, but I turned up because I love the client. Well, she knocked my socks off. She wowed me. She was asking about certain time periods in my life. What happened? She would ask.

And I was like, how could she see that in my chart that there were shocking moments in my life? And how could she see that, for example, my father was absent. He was loving but he wasn’t a guiding force as a lot of fathers can be he was absent so I was shocked.

And when I learned something new and I have a positive experience, I was like, I gotta learn more. So I went to Barnes and Noble, and I was picking out some travel books. I was going to Egypt at the time, and I actually walked by the aisle where astrology books were. And this book, it felt like it leaped off the shelf. And the name of the book is Astrology for the Soul, and it’s by Jan Spiller. So I picked it up.

I looked up my date of birth in the front of the book, and it told me what my North Node is. Now North Node, for anyone who is not familiar with astrology, it’s a a fabricated demarcation where the moon crosses elliptical. And I’m not very skilled at describing different aspects and the geometry of astrology, but that’s my understanding.

But what’s fascinating about it is it can give you an insight into when you are operating as yourself, your most powerful self, and when you are aligned and when you are pursuing the path that you chose when you were born. Yes. I did say chose, didn’t I? Well, I have an unusual belief, maybe some other people have it, is that we choose when we’re born, and we choose our parents. And I’m not saying that we choose all the difficulties we can experience in childhood. Not by any means.

We don’t choose abuse. No. No. But I’m saying that there were certain aspects about our parents, interestingly, that we wanted to learn from them and have our childhood with them. And how do you know this? Well, it’s interesting because you can see the influence of your parents in your chart. And that’s just fascinating to me, how that can be described. Okay. Let’s get back to this self-awareness.

So I’m a definite geek when it comes to self-awareness tools and resources, and I’ve got a lot of discrimination. I can tell when there’s something useful, and I can tell when there’s something not useful, when it’s “invented”.

Those are the words quotes around it. I don’t know why, but I got this radar for some people could say radar for truth. So let’s get back to this, astrology for the soul, your North Node. Why would it be important to learn? Well, let’s talk about just general cycles. We go through cycles. We would call them the seasons on the planet.

We have winter, which is a rest time, and then we have spring, where it’s the budding of the seeds and new starts. And then we have the summer, the full growth of what we have established, the seeds we planted in our garden. And then we have the harvest time, which is our autumn, our fall..

Well, if we’re talking about the northern hemisphere, the southern hemisphere is a bit different. Right? So we are used to living in seasons, in cycles, as we could call it. And we also, for the most part, some people have some experience with generations. So if you are Generation X, Generation y, a Millennial, if you’re a Baby Boomer, that if you read the description of those generations, for most people to say, yeah.

That kinda that’s similar. Yeah. I can resonate with that. It doesn’t define you, but it can define the group of people who were born during those years. Generations. You know back in the ’60s or ’70s, if you weren’t born then but you’ve seen movies, they coined the term the generation gap. So the next generation had different music that they were drawn to and the prior generation couldn’t relate. They were born with other people who had I would not say they had similar likes, but they were influenced by the media at the time, the music, the movies, the books, and things like that.

So I would say most people would understand that there are cycles and there are generations and there are influences. So let’s talk about astrology in general and why it might be important and helpful for you on your manifesting journey.

So let’s say and I can, I’m not gonna go through all the different North Nodes, but I will tell you at the beginning of her book and you can actually look online. You don’t have to get her book. And you can look maybe Google what is my North Node. And the nature of the North Node and the way that she writes about it is that there are attributes to develop. There are qualities and characteristics that are dormant in us.

Let’s say that this is our growth in this lifetime. This is where we could operate as our most fulfilled self. And then there are tendencies to leave behind, for example. And these tendencies to leave behind are fascinating because we came here with certain skills, certain experiences, certain capabilities.

No child is a blank slate. We have a nature to us when we first are born, and then it starts to develop. And then, of course, we learn and we grow and we have new experiences. That’s living on life, living on, you know, planet Earth.

But these tendencies to leave behind are some could say it’s if you have an understanding that, you know, it’s possible to be born with certain skills and abilities. Our tendencies to leave behind are those. Those are things we’ve already mastered and that we don’t want to focus on those. Those are things that we are just at an unconscious level. It’s easy for us. It’s easy peasy, lemon squeezy. What a weird term. And these we’re not here to repeat that.

It’s like, you know, you go through grade school. You finish grade school, and you wanna go on to middle school or high school. You don’t want to go back to grade school. So these tendencies to leave behind are kind of like that. But here’s the thing. Most of us are unconscious of them. They’re automated. They are stored, as I’ve often said in the podcast, your body thinks of it as a storehouse of your unconscious mind.

You’ve got muscle memories of how to drive a car. You’ve got the awareness, the skilled experience that has been repeated over and over again. How to use a computer? How to make a cup of tea or coffee? You get the idea. So these are automated behaviors, automated ways of thinking and feeling that influence you. So if we think of maybe these attributes or these tendencies to leave behind are just different programs within our unconscious mind. Now they’re not bad. Let me preface that. They’re not bad because they are skills for us to draw upon, but it’s not our direction in this lifetime.

It’s not our focus. So let me bring it back to manifesting. So I’ll I’ll give my example here. Okay. So if someone is born during a certain time period and they have what’s called North Node in Leo, and these are astrological signs.

And we go through a period like North Node in Leo was I believe it was the last time we were in LEO was the summer of 2017 until the middle or end of 2018, more or less. Okay. And when I learned about the North Node, I remember reading it, and it was so alien because these attributes to develop were not anything that I would see myself.

I was like, I can’t be like that. That willingness to take center stage, following my heart’s desires because I wanted to do what was right for the whole, for everyone involved. Taking risks? Well, I actually did that. I was very young.

At 16, I left high school and moved to England and enjoying life, having fun. Well, most people would say I was super serious. So these attributes to develop, I couldn’t relate to. But I was willing to learn more.

I was willing to read more. And here’s the the thing that really was eye-opening for me, the tendencies to leave behind and that we’re working to reduce the influence of these tendencies to make our life easier, manifesting easier, our life more enjoyable, and more fulfilling.

So mine, one of them is yielding to peer pressure in order to belong. Well, I’m supposed to develop this willingness to take center stage, individuality. Oh, I see how yielding to peer pressure, like, in a group that I wanna be liked. I want to belong. I wanna fit in. And I will tell you, for most of my life, I’d find a group, and then I would model myself to be what I thought they needed me to be to be part of the group.

It was really important for me to be part of a group for whatever reason. And it took a great deal of self-awareness to see that, wait a minute. I don’t really like who I’m being in this group. And then I started to find groups where I could be myself. I could be the sometimes I can have strong views.

Sometimes I have an intuitive insight. I have learned that I always ask me now before I get an intuitive insight if it is appropriate for me to share it with someone rather than blurting it out. I can’t tell you how many times I would blurt things out that I would just get this insight, this awareness.

So tendency to leave behind, aloofness, this is Leo, North Node, waiting for others to prompt one’s own action, overlooking what’s really going on, waiting for more knowledge before taking action, excessive daydreaming, and running away from confrontations.

I want you to look at this one a little bit deeper, waiting for others to prompt one’s own action. So if we have an intention, if we want to create something, if we want to manifest an experience or a thing, is it appropriate and for our highest and best good, at least for me, waiting for others to prompt my own actions? Not likely. Right?

Because that would be that go along to get along, and I would need to be confirmed that this is a good idea. And I would wait for someone to do it with me, or I would wait for evidence that it was the right path.

Now, again, there’s there’s subtlety here. There’s nothing wrong with waiting for evidence that it’s the right path, but the initiative, the urge comes from you it’s something that you want to create something you want to experience something you want to manifest It’s not someone else, a family member, your spouse, or your child say, hey, I think this would be really good for you.

And as a little side note, when I was going through a divorce and my husband said, you know, I think you’d be really good at real estate, and you can make really good money.

Another idea was, hey. Go work for the county of San Diego. You can get retirement. And I appreciated all his suggestions, but neither one of them were right for me.

Fortunately, I did not yield to peer pressure to belong at all, and I charted my own path to being an entrepreneur. And I was thinking about that the other day. I didn’t have any role models as entrepreneurs. My whole family went to a very, let’s say, stable job.

Like, for my father, he was a public defender in Los Angeles County, and he was an attorney. Worked there till he retired. My mother was studying medicine, and she was the assistant administrator of a hospital. And she did medical records. She stayed there until she retired. And my sister started working at a university, and she’s gonna stay there till she retires. The same job. So I had no role models of how to be an entrepreneur, how to do an entrepreneur.

So if we go back to this North Node in Leo, taking risks. I was initiating something and it was not from the group influence at all. It was something that was important to me.

So how can you start to use, you know, your North Node? If this inspires you, I urge you to do some research because it can really elevate your self-awareness. Well, say that you want to manifest something. I don’t know. Maybe it’s you want to attract a loving relationship and you are finally ready to be with someone who loves and respects you. You feel relaxed in their presence.

You have fun. They’re loyal, and you’re ready. You’re ready for it. You’ve it. You’ve done all the inner work. You’re ready. Well, when you start looking through these tendencies to leave behind, you might like, oh, waiting for others to prompt one’s own actions.

Well, if you did an online dating profile, for example, would you wait for someone else to say, hey, I like you. Or would you initiate it and start looking through the list of people online and deciding, hey, I like you.

Another one, if you’re doing that, if you’re wanting to look for a relationship, if someone was North Node and Leo, it would be running away from confrontations. Let’s address that. So say the person said, I’m gonna manifest a new partner. I’m gonna I’m I’m going to do an online profile. I might actually maybe get some dating coaching.

I may decide to go into it and create a perfect partner profile, and that’s something I actually help people do. And it’s profound because we’re pulling out actual vivid experiences you have of characteristics that would fulfill you that you may have never thought of. So it’s creating your perfect partner profile and manifesting that. So running away from confrontations.

Say you accept a date, something where this person on paper or online looks really great. 2nd date’s good. 3rd date’s like, woah. I see a red flag.

What do you do? Do you just yield to peer pressure? Go along to get along? Did you detach from emotional situations? Do you overlook what’s really going on? Are you aloof? Do you wait for more knowledge before taking action?

Or do you daydream that this is my perfect relationship and you start creating this imaginary relationship in your head and you’re having a relationship with that rather than the person right in front of you? Do you run away from confrontation?

So these were all tendencies to leave behind. As I just described for Leo North Node, yes, they can relate to everybody. Okay? This is no hard and fast rule. This is does it give you insight? Does it grow your self-awareness? Is it helpful for you?

So we’re like, oh, gosh. What do I do? Do I say anything or I just keep dating? Because, gosh, it has been fun to do something with somebody. I have enjoyed that. And, you know, this red flag, I bet it’s changeable, and we talk ourselves into things, don’t we? Especially as females.

Or do you say, hey, I’ve really enjoyed the time together with you, but we’re not a fit right now. We’re not a fit. That’s not even great language. We say, I’m just not feeling it, and I am really committed to finding a life partner. I wanna get married. And I don’t see that. I don’t see what we’ve got going here going in that direction. And I wish you the best of luck.

Would you avoid the confrontation or would you deal with it? Well, these little tips, if you are manifesting, you can look because these are gonna be tendencies to avoid you stepping into and being your most powerful self-expressed manifesting being, manifesting success.

So I’m hoping this resonates with you. And, again, if it doesn’t, I get it. I told you. That client who introduced me to astrology, I thought it was nonsense. Thought it was nonsense. My eyes were opened. I did my own research, and I have found it to be helpful.

Now as we start to wrap up, I want to say this. This is so important because I don’t want you to make astrology or any of these self-awareness tools I’m gonna be giving to you in these next two podcasts.

I’m gonna do a little series on self-awareness for manifesting success. Warning. Warning. Warning. Don’t make it your authority. Don’t make astrology, North Node, your authority.

But that’s who I am and that’s what I should avoid. No. Always tune in. Is there a resonance? And if so, take it on board, play with it, test it out, and if you find it to be helpful and true for you, keep it.

If not, kick it to the curb, flush it down the toilet, get rid of it. We are never EVER to use any of these self-awareness tools as a road map for who we are supposed to be. We always have free will. Well, a little caveat here.

We do come in with some of our own characteristics and qualities, but we have a choice. Let’s say that. Let’s say we have a choice. We have a choice of how we’re going to use the day once we wake up in the morning.

We have a choice of how we’re going to use our evening when we finish work. We have a choice of how we’re going to turn up in our partnerships.

We have a choice of how we’re going to or if we’re going to raise children, or have children.

There’s a lot of choice.

Free will is a different concept. Maybe I’ll do a podcast on free will because that’s really interesting. But we do have choice, don’t we? We have a choice.

Are we going to react if someone pulls in front of us when we’re on the highway and we slam on our brakes? We have a choice. If a coworker comes in and is having a bad day and all of a sudden you realize you got sick because they were coughing and sneezing, and they came into work.

So we have a choice of how to react to what’s happening in our life. We may not control everything. We may not manifest everything, but we have a choice of how we respond to life.

Alright. I’ve really enjoyed this episode, and I would love it if you would click down below and review the podcast. It really helps me get in the earbuds of other people who would enjoy this content. You’d be doing me a great service.

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As we wrap up, remember, we’ll just do a recap that we, as a human being living on Earth, were used to cycles. We’ve got four seasons. Four seasons were used for generations, and there’s an influence of a group of people growing up together. Same thing with astrology.

It’s just cycles. It’s just seasons. And if it resonates, awesome. Take it on board. Kick it to the curb if it doesn’t.

Alright. So much love. And remember, when you confirm yourself, you chart your own path to success.

Listening to the tendencies I delete bind with Leo North Node, you now understand where that one came from. Alright. So much love. Thanks so much for listening. Many blessings. Bye for now.

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