Episode 98: Manifest your Bigger Intentions: Sneak up on Success

March 4, 2024

Discover how Setting Smaller Intentions Help You Sneak up on Bigger Success

Podcast Show Notes:

Do you struggle to figure out what you want in life? In this episode of Mindful Manifesting, I dive deep into why it can be challenging to go after your true desires.

From living a life of gratitude to overcoming past disappointments and societal pressures, we uncover the roadblocks holding us back from manifesting our dreams.

Learn practical tips to sneak up on success, ask open questions, and confirm your path to success. Join me on this empowering journey of self-discovery and manifestation.

Key Takeaways:

Embrace both gratitude for what you have and the desire for more. It’s possible to appreciate the present while reaching for more significant goals.

Ask open questions to explore future possibilities gently. This approach allows for imagination and exploration without committing to a specific outcome.

Consider getting the right training to bridge the gap between your current state and your desired future. With proper guidance, you can navigate both worlds effectively.

Manifesting Success Tip: Be grateful for where you are and reach for those more challenging intentions and objectives.

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Why is it so challenging to go after what we want? Or why is it hard to figure out what we want in the first place? You’re listening to Mindful Manifesting. This is Aryana Rollins.

But before we get started, if you want to uncover your unstoppable energy, book an unstoppable success discovery call, and we can explore what it’s like to work with me. The link is in the show notes. Alright.

After doing this for over 20 years, many people start this manifestation work with a vague desire of what they want. Occasionally, they’re big. Sometimes, they feel unreachable. But when I really ask them to fill out the first step, which is the future possibilities, the wish list exercise, like, I don’t know what I really want.

It’s almost like they’ve discovered walking on the beach, and they’ve picked up this magic genie bottle, and it becomes real. A part of them feels that it’s real. I can get what I want, but what do I want, and would I really want it when I got it?

All those things can rush through our heads. And I want to unpack this a bit because I think it’s super important and you might be able to relate. And then, of course, I’ll give you some tips to move you forward on that journey of creating and manifesting big things in your life. Okay.

So why is it challenging to know what we want?

You might accept and appreciate what you have if you’re on a spiritual path. You live a life of gratitude. That’s number 1. Number 2, previous disappointments or failures have dampened your spirit down in terms of, I don’t know if I can have what I want, and I can’t handle another disappointment of failure. And 3rd, tall poppy syndrome, reaching too high.

Let’s unpack each one.

So, number 1, you’re on a spiritual path and practice accepting and appreciating what you have. That’s a lovely, lovely thing.

I don’t want you to change that in you. But what is it about that that says we can’t have both? We can appreciate and have gratitude for what we have: a roof over our heads, a warm bed to sleep in, food in our belly, friends, community, work that’s meaningful, and we want more. It can be a stretch for some people.

So, this wanting more, can it be an expansion of where you are? Or is it something completely new? If it’s something completely new, that’s a more significant stretch.

And sometimes, we need to see the stepping stones of how we would even get there. And sometimes, it can be hard to imagine it. So, say you’re in a relationship and you’ve become good friends; it’s not passionate, it’s not a best friend kind of marriage or relationship, but it’s good enough.

You love the companionship, and you can’t imagine not having that person in your life, but there’s a part of you longing for that true spiritual communion and what’s possible. And maybe you came into this life to experience that, create that. But a part of you has accepted the status quo and is comfortable.

Stage 1 of the manifesting success journey, the first phase, is when we are stuck in accepting the status quo and relinquishing our deep desire for what we want. We’ve relinquished it. So, looking at that, we don’t have to have 1 or the other.

Of course, I’m not recommending having an affair, not at all, but you start expanding into it. And I’m going to give you a tip in a few minutes. You can allow both those in your consciousness, the appreciation for your current relationship, the connection, and the community feeling. Then, I wonder what would be possible. And just allow it.

Don’t dismiss or discount. Okay. The second one, previous disappointments, can’t handle another one, the feeling of failure.

This is where, my friends, blockers get born, blockers are self-defeating ways of thinking, feeling, or doing, and they limit us. And if this is what’s holding you back from going after what you want or knowing what you want, we can do a lot with that one because those are simply protection mechanisms to avoid the pain and avoid reliving the disappointment.

And mostly, we’re living in the past because those are the emotions that are coloring our future possibilities so we can do a lot with that. As I am speaking this through to you, please note whether it is number 1, 2, or 3 limiting your belief or capacity to know what you want. Start to feel into that and move towards it.

3rd one is tall poppy syndrome. Don’t reach too high. I think Tall Poppy syndrome is an Australian term. Say, for example, we live in a community, we live in a family, we live in society, and maybe your family never explored being an entrepreneur.

They did reliable jobs and provided retirement. They were stable and brought a regular paycheck check-in, so you don’t have any role models. You don’t have anyone who rose above, not above as in superior, but out of the norm, out of the box? Well, finding role models, finding people that you admire and respect, living to their ideals and integrity, and you’re like, well, maybe I could do that.

And I’m not recommending you enroll in an entrepreneurial training course by any means. I have gone down that path, and I can tell you, more often than not, we get conditioned away from that gentle, natural passion of what we want to bring into the world. So be cautious and be aware of who you choose as your mentor.

So, let’s go back to describing this tall poppy syndrome. So, if you look at a poppy field, there’s a poppy rising above the masses, and then it gets chopped off so that the whole field looks harmonious. We’re all in it together. We’re all these poppies growing together. So, grow with us. Don’t be unique in your own expression. Be with the masses. Alright.

So those are why it can be challenging to know what you want. You’re on a spiritual path and a person of gratitude. You accept and appreciate it. 2, previous disappointments, can’t handle another one? 3, tall poppy syndrome, we want to fit in with our family, into the community. We want to avoid reaching toon high.

All right. So what do we do? Well, first, don’t change your beautiful self. I love that you’re accepting and appreciative and live from a place of gratitude.

As a person on a spiritual path, gratitude is a manifesting superpower. It is to be grateful for what we want. I’ll expand upon it. Say someone is in, I don’t know, a time in their life where they’re frustrated and don’t have much of that appreciation, that gratitude. They’re living from a place of entitlement. I deserve more money. I deserve more respect. I deserve more, more, more.

And perhaps they are self-employed. They’ve got a decent income. They’ve got good clients working with them, and they become blind to what they have. They’re in this state of entitlement. I deserve it.

And sadly, there is, there is a, a theme that goes into a lot of entrepreneurial coaching practices and businesses that this entitlement, it’s like we’re going to rev the engine and that entitlement and deservingness is going to create it. It doesn’t, my friends. It can poison the well we are drinking and poison what our prospective clients would feel.

If we’re entitled to be paid for, let’s say, a Human Design reading, They can vary anywhere from $150 to $200 to like $1,000, $2,000. And again, I’m not criticizing people setting their prices. That’s not me to say.

But if it’s coming from me, I am so good at this; I am the best. That feels yucky, especially if you’re on a spiritual path. So don’t give up your beautiful self or appreciate where you are. It’s a matter of holding both in your consciousness, and you can do that. That’s something you can develop. Be grateful for where you are and reach for those more challenging intentions and objectives.

Alright. 2nd one, what to do? You sneak up on your success, and I love that term. Ask yourself open questions. Wow. What would it be like to be in a relationship with my best friend, a spiritual communion partner? What would it be like? What would be possible?

And you start playing with your imagination and see what comes up. Or what would it be like when I’m making over $10,000 a month in my own work? What will it be like to have that kind of income in my business? You might start feeling yourself into it like I could hire someone to help me.

I could hire a VA to support me or partner with someone, and we can grow it even more significantly. What would it be like? See how I said not. What will it be like? I said what would it be like? It’s gentler. It’s gentler.

What will say to the universe,” I’m committed?” I like that term; it is vital because I will do this. You feel the strength versus I would like to do this. I would want to do this. See, there’s a gentleness and a softness, and it’s exploratory. You still need to commit to it. You’re just asking, “What would it be like?”

Alright. 3rd one is to get manifesting training. If this is important to you and you have considered it off and on for a while. You just can’t let it go that you’d like to grow your business, have greater reach working with more ideal clients, or you would want to explore being in a relationship with someone you’re spiritually aligned with, then get training. Because with the right training, you can be in both worlds simultaneously.

I remember one of my early clients; I taught her the basic achiever objective process, which means it feels within reach, is 30 to 40 days out, and is pretty close to a stretch. She was a joy to work with because she’d been on a personal growth and spiritual path for quite a while. And so she grasped these ideas of imagination and gently sneaked up on success.

So, she wrote out what we call her endpoint success image. She did certain practices to anchor it and ensure she was clear. There were no thought errors. She didn’t have blockers. And amazingly, within a month, she told me this story, and she sent me, I believe, a photograph of it. She was looking for a place to live in a particular area. She lives in northern California, and, you know, rents and property prices can be very high, so she had high criteria about where she wanted to live. She had it in such vivid detail that there was a rose bush to the right of the front door.

Well, she went with a friend to look at this possible place to live, and I kid you not, there was a rose bush to the right of the door, and she had her friend take a picture of her. She manifested it.

And isn’t that the way life should be? When we get clear, we use our imagination, envision it, clear any obstructions or resistance that might be coming up along the way, and appreciate where we are all at the same time.

I would love for you to give a review wherever you are listening to the podcast. Put stars on it, whatever it is, 1 through 5, and be detailed. What is it that you like about the show? And this is this is the first time you’re listening. Thank you for being here.

As we wrap up, as you confirm yourself, you confirm who you are. You’re not looking to the outside world to tell you who you are; you’re not looking for someone else to inform you that you’re great and awesome. You chart your own path to success. When you confirm yourself, you chart your own path to success. So much love and many blessings. Bye for now.

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